So… 7:43 a.m. Good morning.

Outkast. Aquemini. They’re a well-known group. And this is a well-known album. However, I’ve never heard it myself… so… Let’s get started.


9:00 a.m.

Catchy. Catchy. Funk and fun. I’d give this one multiple listens.

Outkast, Aquemini (1998). If you haven’t heard it, I’d suggest taking the hour+ to experience it. Speaking of hour+, I really enjoyed the music for as long as the album was. Most albums I tend to enjoy are a little less than one hour, whereas those that reach further beyond the sixty minute mark tend to drone out of focus. This one was fine for the length. No complaints, plenty of praise. Great time.

Any suggestions? Famous, infamous, underground. If I haven’t heard it previously, I’ll give it a listen. Doesn’t matter what genre.

Have a great time being alive, and until next time…