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7:20 a.m.

Alright, so Pallbearer. I’ve heard their first album, Sorrow and Extinction, and it’s one of my favorite albums of the past ten years. It was unique enough with its sound, told a pretty cosmic (and yet uncanny) tale of aging and death (or… sorrow and extinction). It was a fresh sound, with beautiful riffs.

Now their second album, Foundations of Burden is finally released. I haven’t heard any of the demos, so here we go, fresh and untainted. Pretty excited.


8:32 a.m., same day.

Foundations of Burden was a nice ride. It definitely sounded like Pallbearer, a continuation of their previous debut album, and different enough to sound new. This is one I’ll definitely be purchasing to support the band, and hopefully they’ll continue to grow.

As for the genre, I know it’s considered metal… doom metal to be precise, but I can’t help but think of Pallbearer as something other than doom. I understand the lyrical content and themes of their first two albums have a lot to do with doom, but they sound so positive and empowering, almost as if, sure, death is inevitable, but the journey after death is a reflective time for the departed. Relaxing, almost.

It’s rock. It’s doom. It’s empowering. I honestly can’t really categorize them, and I don’t think it’s necessary. Take a listen for yourself. Sorrow and Extinction and now Foundations of Burden.

What about you? Have you heard of them? Or actually heard their music? Will you be checking them out? And what about suggestions? Leave any you like, whether it be famous, infamous, or otherwise underground. If I haven’t heard the album, I’ll check it out.

Until next time…