Keaton G. Wolfe
Corona, CA

Bio: Hello fellow humans! I am pleased to be part of the writing community. My three favorite authors are Robert E. Howard, Robin Hobb, and George R. R. Martin. I enjoy them because they have opened doors to aspiring authors like myself in the realm of what I consider "serious" fantasy. I myself have had a passion for writing since I was a child. To learn more, you can read the blogs I have posted here on WordPress, as well as here: http://invisibleglyphs.blogspot.com I have also written a full-length manuscript which you can learn more about (and enjoy FREE sample chapters read by yours truly) here: /http://thegranatium.blogspot.com/ Other than that, I enjoy analyzing novels, television, film, and people. I have studied psychology at CSUF as well as various writing and genre courses (Fantasy Literature, Science Fiction Literature, Horror Literature, and Creative Writing).

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