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“Hey, wanna rent that movie Gone Girl?”


And that’s what we did while picking up some groceries. Before we swipe our card, the Red Box kiosk asks us, “Would you like to add a game for free?”

So we decided to add a free game as well.  We went with The Evil Within for no apparent reason. Worst case scenario: we don’t play a free game, no worries.

And then this happened:

Feels weird.

Feels weird.

I opened it because it was oddly… paperish:

Yeah. It's paper.

Yeah. It’s paper.

I held it for no apparent reason but to make sure I hadn’t gone insane.

I guess this really is The Evil Within

Oh, the irony of an object called The Evil Within.

Not much needed to be said here. By rules of logic, I’m assuming some teenager (I seriously hope this wasn’t the doing of an adult) took their parent’s credit card, and came up with this fantastic idea, without realizing their credit card number can be traced. In any case, this brightened my day.


Just people.