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6:48 a.m., the twentieth of August, 2014.

I came across this album by Voyager, called V.

Apparently it’s progressive metal. I haven’t heard it yet, so that’s all I can go off of.

Let’s find out what this thing is.


7:46 a.m., same day.

Voyager. V. The album was a nice little ride, sounded like futuristic metal from a space movie. Clean vocals, definitely not difficult to understand what the singer was singing. The album had some heavy riffs and a lot of high-pitched melodies. Again, very spacey.

So that’s all I really have to say about this album. The novelty wore off pretty quickly, and though some tracks gripped me more than others, overall, it was, as I said, a nice little ride. Nothing too big, but nice.

Not sure what I’ll listen to next, but as long as it’s something I haven’t heard before, then it’s all the criteria I need.

What about you? Have you heard of Voyager? What do you think? Any suggestions for future albums? Famous, infamous, underground… if I haven’t heard it, I’ll give it a listen.

Until next time…