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6:27 a.m., August 11th, 2014.

A good friend of mine suggested I listen to the album Shibayan Records – Magico Catastrofe. Again, just like FRPUA#1, this is an album I haven’t previously listened to, nor have I heard of it. In this case, I don’t even know if this is a group, a band, singular artist, or even the year the music was produced. I know nothing! Fantastic. That’s what I’m going for.

Let’s dive right on in and experience this thing naked.


Alright. It’s 7:32 a.m., and the music just stopped. The summary of my first response:

It sounded to me like pop and retro video game music with Japanese singing. Upbeat, made me want to move (and I did bob my head to the beat as well as dance while making lunch for later). Catchy tunes. Some of the songs went on for a while, but I suppose when played in a dance setting, people would appreciate it.

Sometimes the music reminded me of 80’s montage scenes from underdog films, as if the protagonist had already gotten her/his butt kicked and decided to train for a few months. Since I couldn’t understand the lyrics, I can only assume the singer(s) were saying things like, “I’m never gonna give up, never gonna give up… baby.” Maybe. Probably not.

But yeah!!! Shibayan Records- Magico Catastrofe, not bad at all. Not my personal taste, but what does my personal taste have to do with this segment? Nothing! Good time, unexpected, and heard something new. No complaints.

Have any suggestions? Feel free. If I can find what you suggest, and it’s something I’ve never heard before, whether it be famous, infamous, or underground in any genre, then I’m bound to hear it sometime.

Until next time…