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So I was going to edit some of my fiction when I decided that I’d like to write something non-fiction instead. I didn’t have any ideas until I had one (that’s usually how it works). So here it is… the first of perhaps many to come of… well, thoughts after listening to albums that I’ve never listened to before.

Right now I’ll be listening to what appears to be a band called Airbag. The album: All Rights Removed (2011). At this point, I know nothing about it other than the title, the band name, and the year. I’ve never even heard of the band. I’ll write about the experience after I listen to the album in its entirety. 5:21 p.m., August 10th, 2014.


6:11 p.m., same day.

After listening to the entire album… in its entirety… here are my thoughts:

Soothing music. It reminded me of that 70’s band, China Crisis a little bit, as well as David Sylvian. Not vocally, but instrumentally. The production value was absolutely fine. There were no achy scratches, no muffled vocals, no ear-piercing pitches of the guitar work. Everything was fine.

I don’t know if I’ll ever itch to listen to this particular album again, but that has nothing to do with its quality as much as it does with my personal taste in music. How to describe this music in terms of genre? I won’t. I don’t think I can, to be honest, but I don’t think I’ll be describing these albums in terms of genre at all. If you’re curious, I would suggest you check them out (you can probably find the albums I’ll be listening to on Youtube, and if you like it, I would suggest purchasing a copy–either physically or digitally–for your personal enjoyment/library).

And this concludes the first of whatever these are… first listens? First responses? This one was short, but maybe I’ll end up writing a whole lot more if I come across something that strikes me a little harder. As for Airbags All Rights Removed, I don’t feel much towards it. Like I said, soothing. Maybe something to paint or sketch to.

Until next time…