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So while working on the next analysis–which is taking longer than I originally expected–I’ve also been working on my main project: The Granatium. Here is but one segment that I would like to discuss here on WordPress and the inspiration behind it:

By calling it the seeds of a growing fantasy, I’d be decreasing its value to me. I was originally planning to write a non-fiction about abuse–all encompassing abuse which includes psychological, sexual, physical, and altogether assholery, if you will. But my love of the bizarre and the surreal has morphed my original scope to new heights while retaining the realism and tone.

The segment is based on one particular memory. I do remember a time when someone very close to me stood up to her abuser. At the time, I wasn’t aware of how deep the tendrils of “the man’s” abuse had penetrated, and guiltily, I remember feeling as though she shouldn’t have done that–just another reason for the man to become a monster. But hindsight, and years of opening doors and learning of past shadowed events as they came into the light, I realized that this memory of mine is one of the most important memories I have to date. Even if it ended badly, that moment when the abused challenged the abuser, despite the size difference and danger she was in, despite every logical safety maneuver available such as staying quiet or toleration, this child who grew into a wonderfully independent, strong and intelligent adult human being… at one point decided to completely throw a bone into the systematic gears of declination.

The painted image of the small girl versus the giant, in my opinion, belongs on the ceiling of a perfect dome.

Since I’m no good at painting, and I’ve never delved into any sort of architecture, then the least I can do is place the memory she created here in my Inspirations category… because it’s just too badass not to.

I hope you have a wonderful whenever!

And if you’d like to read/listen to more of the project, you can find it all here.

Until next time…