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Hello, hello!

In my first post entitled Snowball, I let you know that I wasn’t sure what I was doing here yet.

You see, I already have two blog accounts, one specifically regarding my work, and another where I post more personal, random activity somewhere within the realm of writing.

So what is the point of this WordPress account?

Well, I’ve decided yesterday that I would put this account specifically to a different use, and so I’ll use this account specifically to praise other works, people, and events that have inspired me throughout the years. These are the heavy-hitters, the music, the literature, the television and films that have significantly steered me in one direction or the other for very salient reasons. They’re the pieces that may have affected my personal style, or mood while writing a specific segment. So that means I’ll have a lot to say about pieces that I’m passionate about. I’ll analyze them, and post them up here on WordPress, under the category entitled “Keaton’s Inspirations Analyzed.”

Have fun and have a great weekend – whenever your weekend begins.

Until next time…